FINES & SUSPENSIONS: ALL Cornermen working an IKF Sanctioned event must conduct themselves with appropriate and proper respect to ALL IKF Ring Officials. Any “Unacceptable and Unjustified” rude or disrespectful behavior of ANY kind by a Cornerman working an IKF event will result in a minimum fine of $250.0 up to $2,500.00. In addition, if such a violation occurs, the IKF has the right to suspend the Cornerman from working as a cornerman for up to 12 months in ANY FIGHT SPORT event worldwide. If such a suspension is given and the Cornerman continues to work a fighter’s corner while under suspension, they will be banned from any role on any future IKF Event indefinitely as a Cornerman as well as a fighter.


  • The IKFEvent Representative and or IKF Referee have the power to give the following disciplines to any broken Rule noted on this page;
    1. Verbal Warning.
    2. Deduct 1 Pointfrom their fighter.
    3. Disqualification from being a cornerman for the duration of the bout in question.
    4. Disqualification from being a cornerman for the entire event the misconduct took place.
    5. Disqualification of the Fighter,ending the bout.
    6. Fine the Cornerman/woman
      • Cornermen FINES begin at $250.00.
    7. Suspend the Cornerman/woman
      • Cornermen SUSPENSIONS begin at 3 Months.
      • All IKFLicensed Cornermen/Seconds/Trainers must come to the ring with the following minimum mandatory equipment:
        • SPIT BUCKET:A basic 5 gallon bucket for your fighter to spit in after rinsing his/her mouth out.
        • WHITE TOWEL
          • Best to have 2-3 Towels for spilled water, blood, sweat, etc.
          • However the most important WHITE Towel is to be used to throw in the ring (NOT At your Fighter’s Opponent or the Referee) to stop the fight if you feel your fighter is taking excessive damage or is simply out of the fight.
        • WHITE MEDICAL/ATHLETIC TAPE & GAUZE:The same you used to wrap your fighters hands.
        • WATER:In an enclosed container – NOT GLASS.
        • ICE:In an enclosed Bag.
          • ADDITIONAL NON MANDATORY EQUIPMENT – That ALL Cornermen/Seconds/Trainers Should Have At Ringside
            • Scissors:ONLY USE the scissors MADE FOR BOXING etc. that have the safety guard on them so you don’t injure your fighter.
            • Stop Watch:Helps you know how much time is remaining in each round, as well as how much time you have during your round breaks. Best used by one of the assistant’s.
            • Latex Gloves.A must to prevent infection as well as transfer of blood.
            • Enswell:A piece of steel that on ice that is used to treat swelling on the face.
            • Icepack:To cool bruises, cuts and sprains, treat swelling or used to cool your fighter down by placing it on the back of the neck to cool down.
              • Also good to keep the enswell cold.
            • Cotton Swabs:For cuts and nose bleeds.
            • Vaseline:To put on scrapes and cuts on the face. Also best to prevent cuts on your fighters forehead, eyebrow area, nose and cheeks.
            • Corner Tote:To carry your equipment
            • Sponge:Good idea to have to wipe sweat and or blood off your fighter and to cool them down.
    • Vasoline is the only substance that can be used on a fighters face.
    • Vasoline or Abilene can be used on the body.
      • HOWEVER – NONEmay be used in excess and the IKF Referee may require you to wipe it ALL off if you begin the bout with excessive amounts on.
    • BABY OIL is NOT permitted at all.
    • The use of BenGay, IcyHot, and other such sports cremes is NOT permitted at all.
    • Liniment rubs such as Muay Thai Oil etc., may be used on the fighters “BODY” as long as it does not cause harm to a fighters eyes.
      • IKFrecommends **Athlon Rub for the body.
      • Athlon Rub is a specific item and should not be confused with other oils, greases, ointments, balms or butters such as Tiger Balm, IcyHot or Cocoa Butter.
      • Athlon Rub liniment is allowed to warm the fighter up prior to the fight.
      • Athlon Rub liniment is not allowed to the face, neck or head of a fighter, but can be applied to the body, arms and legs.
      • Athlon Rubcan be found at **com
        • (**) In California this is allowed for **AMATEURS but not Professional.
          • (**) March 17th, 2014: Amateur Kickboxing & Muay Thai is regulated by the IKFin California – CLICK HERE.
        • The use of Monsel’s Solution for the stopping of hemorrhage in the ring is prohibited.
        • No “Smelling Salts” or related medicines are allowed in the corner. The use of shall result in immediate disqualification and a $500.00 fine.
          If a pro fighter the fine shall be $500 or 10% of the fighters purse, whichever is greater.
    • Amateur or Pro Bouts
      • You are allowed “*3” cornermen/women total in the fighters corner.
        • The Promoter has the right to only allow “TWO” cornermen unless an IKF Title bout, in which case 3 are always allowed.
      • One may enter the ring on the round break.
      • One may stand outside the ropes on the ring platform.
      • One shall remain on the floor of the venue.
    • One cornerman MUSTenter the ring during the round break to shield his fighter from the view of his opponent.
      Please do not be a LAZY cornerman and stand outside the ropes.
    • Stay in your corner of the ring.
    • Do not aggressively complain to the referee. Calm discussion is allowed if you wish the referee to pay closer attention to something the other fighter may be doing.
    • Always clean up your fighter’s corner when a round break is over. (Ice, water etc.)
    • If you feel your fighter is injured from something like a cut or symptoms of a head or body injury, you may request to the referee to have the ringside physician look at your fighter to assure their safety and and that they are fit to continue to the next round.
    • NO THROWING WATER during the round breaks.
    • When the 10 second whistle blows and the referee commands “Seconds OUT!” you must IMMEDIATELY exit the ring.
      • Failure to do so could cost your fighter a point deduction.
    • All Cornermen/Trainers are required to keep their shoulders below the ring mat levelduring a bout.
    • If you choose to sit on the ring corner stairs, keep your shoulders below the ring mat level.
    • DO NOT Use Rude or Abusive Languagewhen coaching from your corner and Do not Yell abusive language or remarks at your fighter’s opponent.
      • The Fine for such an offense begin at $250 and increase depending on the severity of the action taken such as if who it was directed at and what was said.
    • Please keep your coaching volume down.
    • NO THROWING of ANY OBJECT during the bout.
      • The Fine for such an offense begin at $1,000 and increase depending on the results of the action taken such as if any injury occurred, who it was thrown at, etc. etc.
    • Do not stand up or lean on the edge of the ring mat/floor when bout is in progress.
    • Do not slap the ring mat when the bout is in progress when bout is in progress.
    • Do not touch the ring ropes until the bell sounds ending the round!
    • During the bout and even when the round is coming to an end, DO NOT climb up towards the ring!
    • If you cut ANY part of the fight gloves you will be fined $250.00 which must be paid “TO THE PROMOTER” prior to leaving the event.
    • If you or your fighter or anyone associated with you, abuse, harm or destroy any property owned or regulated by the promoter or the IKFyou will be charged for the damages plus fined a minimum of $250.00 and be subject to a possible suspension. All fines and suspensions shall be determined by the
    • Chief cornerman may throw a towel into the ring to stop the bout if they feel their fighter is getting beat too badly or if they feel their fighter is outclassed. This saves the referee from making a questionable stop and is considered an honorable move by the corner, who has done so to protect his or her fighter. After doing so the cornerman must immediately follow the towel by going through the ropes and into the ring. DO NOTthrow the towel at your opponent or the referee. Doing so will result in a minimum $250.00 fine, amateur or pro.
    • If ANY IKFEvent Official feels that a trainer is being verbally or physically abusive to a “Minor” under the age of 18, that trainer “WILL” face disciplinary actions as determined by the IKF Event Representative, even DURING a bout in action. If the trainer/cornerman is offensive or rude to the IKF Official or IKF Event Representative presenting the discipline, the trainer “WILL” be banned from the ring and fined by the  We understand that many coaches will become verbally aggressive with their fighters. However “PHYSICAL ABUSE” in any way (Grabbing a fighters headgear, hitting a fighter etc.WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! Disciplinary actions for such an offense could be:
      • Verbal Warning.
      • Disqualification from being a cornerman for the duration of the bout in question.
      • Disqualification from being a cornerman for the entire event the misconduct took place.
      • Suspended from being a cornerman on any IKFSanctioned event for a time to be determined by the
      • FINEDfor outrageous misconduct an amount determined by the
        • Fines begin at $250.00.
      • Bannedfrom the IKF