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Master Shawn

Master Shawn has been a fighter from the first day he was born. He was born with hearing impairments in both ears, but this did not keep him from pushing through to become a great fighter in both martial arts and life itself. Through his relentless hard work and commitment to focus only on the positive Master Shawn overcame the many obstacle life threw at him. At the early age of three Master Shawn began his life-long pursuit of excellence in physical fitness and training. Though physical fitness came easy, communication was a challenge, at age six, his late mother taught him to speak and understand the language he could not hear- Farsi. Master Shawn was very aware, as a young child, of the many challenges he would face, but this never stopped him. His attitude to pursue excellence pushed him through the disadvantages he faced and his positive attitude prepared him to fight on.

In pursuit of a better education and to further study Martial Arts Master Shawn immigrated to the United States. Living in the United States while only understanding Farsi presented yet another challenge he had to endure. The communication barrier was no small challenge but his fighting spirit prevailed and he became fluent in both English and sign language. Master Shawn accomplished his goal to obtain a better education by culminating his pursuit with two University Master degrees. His passion for physical fitness and training never subsided even while achieving excellence in the classroom Master Shawn participated in triathlons, soccer, wrestling, cycling, swimming and track and field. Master Shawn’s ability to endure the various challenges he faced is a tribute to the fundamental balance of mind, body and spirit that Martial Arts is centered around. Martial Arts has been his passion from early childhood and has made him who he is today; a mentally and physically strong person, with a relentless positive attitude, and unshakable inner spirit.

Master Shawn’s physical abilities are evident in his numerous accomplishments in Martial Arts: He is a former world class elite competitor in the Open International and Pan-American Tae Kwon Do Championships, He has earned various degrees of expertise with over 40 years of experience in Tae Kwon Do, Muay Thai, Kali and Vo-Dao. Currently he is holding 7th Dan Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do from the World TKD Federation from Kukkiwon in Korea. Training has always been a huge part of Master Shawn’s life and teaching is yet another aspect to this master. He has trained members of the U.S. Army, various Navy S.E.A.L. teams and the Orange County Sheriff’s Department in self-defense methodology.

He has taught Martial Arts to students of all levels and ages for many years. He is currently still teaching Muay Thai Kickboxing, Tae Kwon Do, MMA, KALI and Martial Art Weapons. Master Shawn has produced a number of elite fighters to achieve in the World Championships. Master Shawn’s level of expertise does not end with Martial Arts he has also been an accomplished Software Engineer in the Department of Defense and other large aviation industries. Master Shawn has been involved and supported the DARE programs, Children’s Foster Homes and other charities. To finalize the list of Master Shawn’s accomplishments his business ventures as founder and business owner has established him as a successful entrepreneur.

Master Shawn has faced challenges broken down barriers and successfully fought his way through life as a fierce competitor in Martial Arts, in the classroom, and in the business world. No wall has been too thick or too high for Master Shawn to conquer.